Pregnancy Underwear: Feel Fabulous!

Pregnancy is not the most glamorous of times, as most people can appreciate. Finding the right under garments can be a bit of a nightmare and during this time of huge change within your body, you want underwear that’s practical and supportive.

Being pregnant myself, I can appreciate how hard it is to find a nice brand that makes you feel more confident with your clothes off. Afterall, your body during pregnancy is beautiful, even if it doesn’t feel it!

Here are a couple of brands we swear by at Bumps ‘n’ Bubs:


Carriwell are a nursing and maternity brand who have been around for over 14 years and have expanded to over 30 countries world wide.

They have a wide range of products and styles. So no matter how you’re feeling, they have something to cater for your mood, from comfy seamless bras through to sexy lacy ones for those more intimate moments.

Carriwell’s latest addition is their organic range. The soft organic cotton is perfect for how sensitive your skin becomes when pregnant. The fabric is flexible and allows for any growth in your changing body and breasts.

Carriwell Organic Bra

The product of Carriwell‘s that I SWEAR by is their Seamless Maternity Support Band. What an absolute God send this has been! Since wearing this, I have felt so much more support and comfort. My growing bump hasn’t seemed too heavy and there really is a noticable difference in my lower back when wearing the band. Other than my Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow, this has got to be the best pregnancy item I own!

Carriwell – Maternity Bump Support

Carriwell are an affordable and great quality maternity brand. I would higly recommend them and their products. They can be found on various online retailers including

Emma Jane

The other brand I have taken to wearing during my pregnancy is Emma Jane. Again, their bras especially are very comfortable and provide fantastic support. They have been in the maternity underwear business for 25 years, so they surely know their stuff!

The Emma Jane 311 Bra

Their swimwear is also great! They have a fantastic new Tankini, so no need to go to the pool or seaside showing more flesh than you’re comfortable with!

Emma Jane Swimwear

As with Carriwell, Emma Jane’s products are also very affordable and are available to buy from various online shops, including See their full range on their website

So two great maternity brands at affordable prices and everything you need to feel comfortable with your body during pregnancy.