Medela – Pumping it’s way to the top

Breastfeeding can be stressful and time consuming. I decided to breastfeed my baby exclusively from the start and I was very lucky that my baby latched immediately and has fed really well ever since. Obviously there’s the pain that comes with breastfeeding which is pretty much unavoidable unless you’re very lucky. Despite my baby latching correctly, I still suffered from painful cracked and sore nipples. Some women are advised to pump when this happens. I continued though the pain though and only pumped when I was in excruciating pain or when I had to leave my little boy with my Mum for a few hours.

The Medela Swing

Whatever your reason for pumping, you need to have a pump that’s going to make the process as easy as possible. This is where the Medela Swing comes in. The Medela Swing is an electric pump that works like a dream, right out of the box. It has a comfortable SoftFit breastshield, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around especially as it can be battery operated as well as mains operated. The motor is quiet which is perfect for discreet expression.

However one feature I would have liked to see on this pump, is a manual lever as well. I found that when I went abroad and didn’t have a plug converter or any batteries (I forgot to pack some) I was unable to use the pump. I first saw this on a Philips pump and I think it’s a great feature to have, just in case.

I’ve found expressing times with this pump extremely good. I can express around 4oz in 20 minutes, which compared to other pumps I’ve tried, wins hands down! Certainly worth the money and not that much of a chore to do!

In the box

Medela Swing breastpump motor unit
Medela Swing tubing
24 mm SoftFit breastshield
150 ml Breastmilk bottle
Bottle sealing disc
Bottle stand
Silicone teat
Swing storing bag
Valve head
Valve membrane
UK mains adapter
Instructions for use