Maclaren XLR – A stroll in the park.

One of the biggest decisions as a mother or father to be, is purchasing a pram/ pushchair. When I was pregnant, I was insistent that I wanted a pram. My husband, having one child already, told me not to. “It’s a waste of money” he said – “You’ll use it once or twice and then it’s redundant. A good pushchair and carrier is the way forward”.
But I was determined. “I want a pram!” I said. So he gave in. We bought a travel set. A beautiful pram and pushchair set.

I hate to say it, but he was absolutely right! When Alex was born, we only used the carrier when we went out. The pram was used twice and so it felt like a total waste of money. Alex slept well the couple of times when he was in the pram, but it was a nightmare to take places. I visited my husband twice with the pram in central London… very bad idea! This is where the carrier is a genius invention!

The Maclaren Techno XLR Pushchair

I was given the opportunity to review the Maclaren Techno XLR. As a new mum, I was always under the impression that Maclarens are for older babies/ toddlers, but apparently not. This attractive chair is suitable for babies from birth and comes in five different colours. It’s so easy to set up straight from the box. The box also includes the footmuff and hood. The website does say it also comes with a rain cover, however, there was no rain cover in the box.

The seat has four reclining positions which can be adjusted to suit your child’s requirements. Your child is well secured in the pushchair with a 5 way harness, which as well as being child-proof, is almost adult proof – but I don’t see this as a negative. There are two pockets on the back of the hood which are perfect for phones, purse and keys and also a reasonably spacious basket at the bottom of the pram where I put some nappies, wipes and changing mat which means I don’t require a handbag.

The maneuverability of the pushchair is fluid and extremely flexible. It folds with ease and in fact, I managed to pull the chair from the boot of my car and set it up, all whilst holding my son in the other arm. Incredibly easy! Serious top marks to Maclaren for that. I was beyond impressed! I certainly didn’t expect to be able to do that whilst holding my son. Size wise, it’s one of the few pushchairs that will fit my tiny boot as I own a Renault Clio and the boot isn’t exactly it’s best feature!

All in all, I could rate it highly enough. It’s been well thought out and if it had come with a rain cover and possibly a sun umbrella, it would have been perfect! The pushchair retails for around £200. A great long term investment.

As an accessory to this fantastic pushchair, I would suggest purchasing a Buggylock. If my Maclaren was stolen, I would be distraught and with this great little gadget you can secure your pram/ pushchair. It’s extremely affordable and in most cases it can be purchased for around the £10 mark. In my opinion, a must have for all parents!