Bounty and Fiat 500L MPW Challenge

I absolutely love cars and driving, so when I was asked by Bounty to take part in their Fiat 500L challenge, I jumped at the chance! As a Mum, driving isn’t essential, but it certainly helps your day to day routines. I was loaned a Fiat 500L MPW, that’s the 7 seater version, for a week and I was set the challenge to entertain 3 kids in the car.

Along with another couple of mums, Charlotte from ‘Write like no one’s looking‘ and Andrea from ‘Does my bump look big in this?‘, I took part in a live webcast for Bounty. Talk about nervous! I’ve done adverts and recordings for television before, but it’s always been recorded in advance, so I never had to worry about slipping up! This was really nerve racking! I hate watching myself back, but I plucked up the courage and had a little look. Although Charlotte and Andrea totally rocked it, I think I managed to hold my own and not make too much of an idiot of myself!

Here’s the short version of the webcast. Keep an eye out on the Bounty and Fiat page for the full interview!